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The company specializes in wire and cable testing equipment, testing equipment plugs and sockets, magnet wire testing equipment, power cord and connector testing equipment, household appliances and electronic test equipment, research, development, production and marketing of high-tech enterprises.
The company has a group of wire and cable, electrical engineering and electrical test sets of environmental testing equipment, electrical and other industries leading, high-quality, professional talent, with several years engaged in related research and development, production, marketing and quality management as well as the rich Certification experience, talent and technology is committed to innovation and product development.
Companies demanding target of scientific management, product "safe and reliable, advanced design concepts, Gao Jingdu the best" for the feature to "technical innovation, quality assurance, integrity, customer first" as the company aims to continuously learn from leading technology, continued challenges of their own products, and strive to become the industry pioneer.
Company staff ready to provide you high quality, full-service!